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Meet The Founder

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Amir Fralin, Founder 

.... a Lego heart to be exact.  In 2008 a LEGO heart became a conversation piece amongst a room of strangers.  "What does that stand for?"  "Why those colors?"  The response became easier and easier the more questions were asked.  "Whatever you have a heart for, that is what you'll chase after." 

In 2013, PRES! was created to assist with a need that was missing in the community where Amir "MirMon" Fralin grew up in.  Amir Fralin is a son, brother, educator, and gentleman from Bristol, PA.  With a passion for allowing and assisting with the growth of student achievement holistically, Amir has only begun to scratch the surface with achieving his goals.  Crafting dope opportunities that open the door to what student's have a heart for is how Amir continues to educate and inspire.  Shortly after his twin brother, Ahman Fralin, passed, Amir started to really understand what it is he wanted to do with his life.  Dealing with daily life obstacles has shaped Amir into the individual that he is today.  By developing a team around him to assist with his development, Amir has sought out to create the same team for his students.  The ultimate reward to him is when he sees others succeeding while knowing that they have Amir behind the scenes supporting them.  #presuntileverythinghappens

Amir is a college graduate who has decided to create his own lane.  From creating workshops to speaking to a cafeteria full of students in his home town, Amir has made a promise to himself to continue chasing what it is he has a heart for.  And the way that he is doing it, is tailor made just for him.

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